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Nani mattresses

For more than 20 years PARALEL EAD manufactures and offers high quality and comfortable mattresses on the Bulgarian market – a new generation of sleep systems that guarantees the customers calm and healthy relaxation.

“”Whoever sleeps well, lived longer” a proverb says. It is a fact that we spend one-third of every day in bed to rest and recover our energy and healthy sleep depends most on the mattress. The more comfortable it is the more comfortable, sound and deep is the sleep. The night rest provides the necessary quantity of lively spirit and positive mood during the day.

That is why we from PARALEL EAD have dedicated our efforts, enthusiasm and creative approach in the creation of modern and comfortable mattresses with the best price-quality ratio. Whether the time for rest will be spent in blissful sleep or whether you will toss and turn all night – depends mainly on your mattress.

NANI mattresses offer a variety of models, sizes and characteristics for you to find the optimum solution for you and your family.

By purchasing a NANI product you will receive more than you expect.

Nani mattressesa dream come true!


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