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Height 23 cm

All modern technologies of the mattress manufacturing collected in one product.

An incredible combination of the qualities of POCKET SPRING, POLYFLEX and MEMORY FOAM. The core is single-sided with a great number of zones of individually wrapped in non-woven textile pockets springs fastened in a whole by an elastic connection with stabilizing side frame of KOVAFOAM around them. The body heat makes the thermo-active foam take the shape of the spine curves. It distributes the weight along the whole surface of the mattress and eliminates the physical fatigue. For the purpose of achieving balanced pressure in the areas in contact with body softened foam was added that helps the proper blood circulation. The high density of the POLYFLEX, together with the POCKET SPRING add optimal orthopedicity to the mattress by achieving the perfect position for sleep and relaxation. The LUREX damask with its woven silver threads releases silver ions that prevent the development and growth of dust mites, bacteria and fungi. Combined with anti-allergic silicone wadding and the non-woven SPUN BONDED textile in the quilting, it adds additional softness and comfort.

The qualities of „Aruba Memory ” are preferred by the fans of FEDERLUX comfort.

 Height: up to 23 cm


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• Price for an individual size mattress - 291 BGN/m2.