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Height 27 cm

An aristocratic design, style and comfort.

This is a model that offers maximum comfort even at high loads. It gives an extremely nice feeling while lying on it provided by the high-quality additionally softened foam and anti-allergic silicone wadding in the area that in contact with the body. The single-sided core is a combination between thermo-active foam (MEMORY FOAM) and profiled ULTRAFLEX HR high density foam. The system of channels and multiple open cells in the interior guarantee the good ventilation effect. The high density and elasticity of the materials are crucial for the proper position of the spine during sleep. The thermo-active foam influences the body temperature and provides even support regardless of height and weight. It takes and evenly distributes the weight along the whole surface of the mattress by eliminating the areas with excess tension and reduces the physical fatigue. Because of the many zones it has, BAHAMA MEMORY guarantees the calm sleep of you and your partner regardless of your moves. The softness in the zone in contact with the body promotes proper blood circulation and as a result it minimizes the sleep disturbances.

With its woven silver threads and controlled release of silver ions, the high-quality LUREX textile protects the mattress from harmful bacteria and microorganisms and at the same time gives a feeling of warmth in winter and cool in summer.

All those who appreciate their quality rest and relaxation can rely on the Bahama Memory mattress.

Height: up to 27 cm


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  • Price for an individual size mattress - 586 BGN/m2.