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Frueqently Askes Questions (FAQ)

What is ergonomics and how to make the right choice?

Very often we use the term ergonomics when choosing furniture. Few of us know that behind this term there is a whole science – ergonomics or human engineering. It studies the man, his activity and his interaction with the surrounding environment. It is extremely important for man to feel comfortable when designing furniture. An ergonomic mattress means a mattress that allows your body to relax as much as possible in order for you to rest and get enough sleep. Research has shown that the individual characteristics of a person (height, weight, orthopedic features, habits and lifestyle), as well as his/her subjective perspective of convenience are essential for choosing mattress. Despite the wide variety of the mattress on the market, no more than 30 % of the models are suitable.  

How important is the individual feeling of comfort?  

The process is slow and it is a combination of the information provided by the seller and your personal feelings and preferences. Initially, you should be aware of the different types of mattresses, you should determine the size of the mattress you are looking for and whether it will be used daily or from time to time. You should choose furniture stores that work with well-established manufacturers. Only there you will find comprehensive and reliable information. When buying a mattress, you should try it our comparing different models by firmness, filling and other characteristics. When choosing a mattress it is very important to specify if its load bearing capacity corresponds to your weight.
We recommend the models with thickness of 20 cm and high-tech filling and structure that meets the requirements for ergonomic position of your body. The height of the mattress is helps to keep the person sleeping on the mattress away from the dusty, damp and often full of variety of organisms part of the room floor. It is good when the internal structure of the mattress is divided into zones that correspond to the orthopedic areas of the body. They help for the harmonization of the pressure of the body in the different areas – shoulders, waist and pelvis, as well as for the good ventilation. If you prefer a classic mattress with springs, you should choose a balanced model with reinforced construction that guarantees longer durability and at the same time it is with the right firmness for you.   

How important is the warranty period?

According to experts, the recommended maximum use of the mattress in normal use is 5 years. That is why the long warranty period should not be a leading criterion for your choice. The most important characteristics are the convenience and comfort.

What to choose when we have asthma or allergies?

In case of asthma and allergies, you should choose models with removable cases that can be washed and cleaned at home.

Natural or modern materials?

You should get to know with the technical description and characteristics of the materials used (% content and composition). When latex is used, it should be with minimal density of 70 kg/m3 and 30 kg/m3 for models of polyurethane foam. The models with latex are not suitable for people with increased sweating or places with increased moisture. Not all natural materials are suitable for use in the manufacture of mattresses. In the recent years, special materials have been developed that are durable and comfortable, and they quickly won the market.  

How important is the packaging?

The good packaging guarantees cleanliness and hygiene of your new mattress. Because of this reason and the easy transportation the roll-up and vacuum packed mattress are a preferred choice.

The right choice of a mattress is vital for the complete recreation and relaxation. Listen to your body and trust your individual feelings of convenience and comfort.