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Height 24 cm

Ergonomics is the word that best describes the model.

 A 7-zone core with alternating silent shock absorbers made of ULTRAFLEX HR foam with high density and different degree of firmness. This combination forms channels that help the good ventilation of the mattress interior. The added layer of POLYFLEX with increased firmness additionally optimizes the orthopedic properties. In the core there are zones formed according to the size and the pressure of the human body. They offer perfect support for the body and the spine. The thermo-active (memory foam) that finishes the core of the mattress reacts to the body heat following the smallest curves and leading to the perfect fitting without excessive tension points that worsen the proper blood circulation. In order to be maintained in-depth sterility, the system is wrapped with high-quality long-lasting textile.

For the comfortable and functional removable case are used materials (a 100 % cotton fabric, a thick layer of anti-allergic siliconized fibers and a high-quality ORGANIC COTTON fabric) that give comfort and softness without residual harmful chemicals that cause disorders and allergies. The added innovative breathable tape is a guarantee for the absence of an environment suitable for the development and growth of microorganisms in the contact zone with the body, as well as inside the mattress. The removable zipper improves functionality and gives an opportunity for frequently separate cleaning and washing of the case. This makes this mattress suitable in cases of asthma and allergies.

These characteristics and its functionality turn LAGO into a product that promotes healthy sleep, relaxation and stress relief without analogue on the market in terms of comfort and quality.

 Height: up to 24 cm


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• Price for an individual size mattress -  494 BGN/m2