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Height 27 cm

Hawaii Mattress for your healthy sleep and harmony

HAWAII offers a perfect combination between  COMFORT and SUPPORT , where the seven comfort zones are of different elasticity in order to follow the natural curves of the body.

  •  Core:
  • • Two types of highly elastic Kovafoam with seven comfort zones that provide perfect support and relieve tension points by guaranteeing maximum ergonomics.
  • • The innovative structure of the core helps the natural air circulation by balancing the body temperature and making the sleep even more sound and relaxing.
  • • High quality materials are used that do not cause allergies and create the sense cosiness and comfort.
  • Case:
  • • A special textile with fine nephrite particles that act both soothing and stimulating – they release people from stress and restore their energy.
  • • The open structure of the surface in contact with the body allows the air to get to the core of the mattress while at the same time allows control of the moisture.
  • • A case with fine nephrite particles that reflects the heat and absorbs the moisture thus guaranteeing the highest degree of harmony and comfort.
  • • The nephrite, or as the Chinese call it, the dream stone relaxes the nervous system, improves the quality of sleep and helps overcoming various health problems.

Height:: up to 27 cm


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