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Height 20 cm

A practical optimal combination of price and quality.

A high-quality product manufactured thanks to the modern technological equipment.

In the stitching of the case wrapping the double-sided orthopedic high-density core of POLYFLEX additionally was added softened polyurethane foam that combined with the anti-allergic silicone wadding and the high-quality damasks adds nice softness to the zone that is in contact with body. The multiple open cells of the KOVAFOAM and the technological membranes of non-woven SPUN BONDED textile guarantee the good ventilation effect inside the mattress. The multiple layers provide comfort while lying by perfectly supporting the body in the areas of shoulders, waist and pelvis.

An excellent proposal from the NANI youth series.

  Height: up to 20 cm


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• Price for an individual size mattress -  198 BGN/m2