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Bonnell System

A spring system that guarantees good orthopedic, anatomic and comfort qualities. The movement of the springs in the core of the mattress provides good circulation of the air and controls moisture. The ideal ventilation is the foundation for good sleep and long life of the mattress. The mattresses with such system are extremely popular and sought-after, especially because of the good price-quality ratio. They provide firm support but are too dependent on every movement of the individual elements and places. So it happens that each pressure is transmitted to the other springs under you and when there is a movement in the one end of the bed, you will feel it in the other.

Pocket Springs
The most reliable and durable mattress spring system in the world where each spring is placed in a special pocked made of non-woven textile, and all pockets are joint by an elastic connection. The springs in the pocket are connected to one another and provide a stable surface and durability.  With such connecting of the springs, it is impossible the mattress to sag, which usually happens with the standard spring mattresses. Pocket Springs is the world’s most established orthopedic and comfort system. It is proven that it has the longest life and provides the perfect performance of the mattress. When we sleep on this type of mattresses, each spring reacts to the contours of our bodies. 

7-zone Pocket Springs
The 7-zone Pocket Spring system is designed in accordance with the human body. It divides the mattress into 7 zones with different levels of firmness for the relevant areas of the body: head/neck, shoulders, back, pelvis, thighs, knees and feet. Thus, each part of the body is conveniently located in the designed area, which creates conditions for healthy and comfortable sleep.
The 7-zone Pocket Spring system is designed to provide optimal body support and uncompromising comfort. The softer parts in the area of the back and the pelvis provide relief of the pressure and tension in the spine. The harder part in the lumbar area supports the spine by eliminating tension and reducing back pain.