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Choosing the right mattress is crucial for the quality of sleep for every person. The best mattress for some people may uncomfortable and unacceptable for others. This is a matter of individual sensations. That is why we offer a wide choice of materials and technologies used to manufacture a variety of models, which sometimes the customer finds it difficult to choose from. It is important to know that a quality and comfortable mattress helps the body to take up the right during sleep and to release the tension.

Research shows that when choosing a mattress you should be guided by individual characteristics such as height, weight, orthopedic features, as well as personal preferences, sensations, habits and lifestyle. Usually, in a case of a specific set of criteria, no more than 30 % of the models are considered appropriate. In the good furniture stores that work with well-established manufacturers you can find comprehensive information, compare different models, and last but not least you can try them out. When choosing a mattress, you should prefer the models that are made entirely of natural materials in order to avoid health problems.  A quality mattress is made of cotton fabrics, it has anti-allergic and anti-dust mite coating and contains natural materials inside.

1. Type of mattress
The single-sided mattresses have a build-in metal or wooden frame and are used only from the one side, which is why they amortize more quickly.  It is typical for them to be firmer that the double-sided mattresses. They are cheaper to buy because they are attached directly to the bed by having six fulcrums with it.
The double-sided mattresses have two, where one side is for summer and the other is for winter.  For its proper functioning, it is necessary to use a mattress frame. It prevents sagging and wearing off and helps the good ventilation and durability of the mattress. The double-sided mattress and the mattress frame should not be considered as separate elements but as a sleep system.
The children’s  mattresses are specially designed and compliant with the requirements and needs of a growing organism. They are a combination of orthopedic qualities and environmentally friendly natural materials that do not cause allergies.
The mattress toppers are 6 and 8 cm thick. They are designed for people who cannot replace their mattress at the moment. This is a temporary decision for them. They are also used when the mattress you bought is not comfortable. A mattress topper can solve this problem. It is placed on the available mattress for greater comfort. If the old mattress is soft, choose a mattress topper that is made of polyurethane foam to make it firmer. If it is firm, you can choose a mattress topper made of memory foam that increases its anatomic quality and helps for the ergonomic position of the body.

2. Firmness/softness of the mattress
The firm (orthopedic) mattresses are suitable for overweight people, people suffering from diseases such as disc herniation, discopathy, exostoses or back and lower back pain. The firmer mattresses contribute to comfort during sleep because they keep the spine in horizontal position and thus the muscles can rest.
The soft (anatomic) mattresses are designed for people with no health problems and are preferred because they are more comfortable, unless they prefer firmer ones. The exact degree of firmness can be seen in the mattress parameters noted by the manufacturer.

Expert advice: Before buying, try out the mattresses you buy to see if they are comfortable and suitable for you. It is important to make sure whether the mattress mould into the shapes and curves of your bodies and whether they fit to your way of sleeping. If both partners have different preferences about the firmness of the mattress, you can choose mattresses with different degree of firmness of both halves of the bed so you can enjoy comfortable relaxation.

3. Materials for manufacturing of mattresses
A Bonnell spring system type is used for the spring mattresses and it represents a block of twin-hulled springs joined by a spiral. This type of mattresses is distinguished by an optimal ratio between price and orthopedic characteristics. They are also extremely durable with no significant changes even after years of active use.
A Pocket spring system type is used for the spring mattresses and each spring is individually wrapped in a textile pocket. Thus each spring moves independently, it sinks evenly and adjusts according to the contours of the body. In this way a uniform weight distribution is obtained across the entire surface and the spine is maintained into horizontal position. The mattresses with this type of spring system have excellent orthopedic and anatomic qualities.
The memory foam is the latest generation of high-tech elastic material that is used for manufacture of mattresses. It follows the body curves and when it gets warm it softens and sinks in the points of greater pressure. In this way the memory foam blankets the whole body and when the pressure stops it slowly regains its original form. The memory foam mattresses balance the body temperature, reduce fatigue, relieve tension in the separate areas and keep the spine in the right position. The memory foam gives the feeling of softness and incredible comfort. However, it is important to note that baby and children’s mattresses with surface layer made of memory foam are not suitable due to the increased respiratory risk.
The highly elastic foam Kovafoam® is a type of foam resistant to deformations. It regains its original form after multiple and long periods of load. It is suitable for the manufacture of firmer mattresses.
The high quality Polyflex foam is type of foam with great durability and orthopedic characteristics depending on the needs. It is suitable for the manufacture of children’s and ordinary mattresses (in the lower class).

4. Height of the mattress
The height of the mattress is an important feature but it is not a basic indicator for its quality. The most important are the materials it is made of. Usually, the height of the mattresses varies from 16 to 25 cm, and 20 cm is considered optimum height. This height is enough to keep the person sleeping on the mattress away from the dusty, damp and often full of variety of organisms part of the room floor. We recommend the models with thickness of 20 cm and high-tech filling and structure that meets the requirements for ergonomic position of the body.

5. Sizes of the mattress
It is very important to choose a mattress with the right size by taking into account the size of the bed. It is recommended that when you choose a model it should be 10-15 cm longer than the height of a man. If you are going to sleep alone, the mattress should be wide at least 80 cm but if you want to feel more comfortable in the bed, 90 cm is the right decision. The most economical option for the double mattresses is 140 cm, and 164 cm is considered the optimal width. For those who value luxury and those who love to have more space – the perfect width of the mattress is 180 or 200 cm.

6. Mattresses for people with health problems
People with problems in the musculoskeletal system and those with overweight should choose firmer (orthopedic) models that keep the spine in horizontal position and provide comfort keeping the muscles relaxed and at rest during sleep. According to research, around 60 % of people suffer from back pain and problems with the musculoskeletal system and most of these symptoms are due to the wrong choice of mattress. You should bear in mind that even the most expensive and advanced models cannot cure your back pain but the properly chosen mattress will have a preventive effect and will reduce the risk of serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system to minimum.   
It is important for people with allergies (to dust and dust mites) and asthma to choose models with special anti-allergic and anti-dust mite textiles. This guarantees their health, protection and comfort.

7. Individual preferences and characteristics
The individual feeling of comfort and convenience is the leading indicator when choosing a mattress. An extremely important factor that determines the sensations is the individual weight, the sleep position, etc. We recommend when you choose a mattress to try it out before buying it.

8. Textile / damask
The fabrics used in the manufacture of mattresses are very diverse. In addition to natural materials (cotton, linen, wool) also synthetic materials and non-woven textile are used for the covers of the different models. Usually, the most economical textiles are the polyester ones. In order to increase the quality of the damasks, they are processed with different technologies, which allow them to acquire different qualities – with silver threads that release silver ions and prevent the development of bacteria and microorganisms, with anti-dust mites treating, with different scents (lavender, olive, etc.). In case of allergy or asthma, we recommend the models with removable covers that can be washed and cleaned at home.   

9. Quality
Choosing a quality mattress is essential for the healthy and sound sleep and should not make any compromises with it. When you buy a mattress, choose models from well-established manufacturers that make their products in compliance with world standards and guarantee the competitive features for the specified time. You should pay attention to the comfort, durability, size and the price-quality ratio. You should be consulted about the mattress you should sleep on – your every wish about firmer or softer mattress should be fulfilled. Make sure you try out the mattress before buying it. You should lie down on a couple of mattresses, compare them and ask for their qualities. There are no universal evaluation criteria and the personal preferences are the guiding principles for your choice.  

10. Warranty
You should always require a warranty for the mattress you buy. It is a good idea to buy it from a specialized store. Before buying a new mattress, you should make sure that warranty period provided by the manufacturer is at least 5 years. The long warranty period should not be leading criterion for your choice but the convenience and the comfort. In normal exploitation, it is recommended to change the mattress every 5 years. You should find out under what conditions the warranty is still valid. Usually, the condition for the single-sided mattresses is to have 6 fulcrums if it is directly attached to the bed, and for the double-sided – to be placed on a mattress frame.