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PU foam

PU foam

Memory foam – thermo-active
The memory foam is polyurethane that copy the curves of the body and creates incredible comfort during sleep. When it gets warm, it softens and sinks in the points with greater pressure completely hugging the lying body. In this way the weight is evenly distributed along the surface and relieves the tension in the separate areas. When there is no pressure on it, it regains its original shape. It helps keeping the back in the right position, which ensures the complete relaxation of the body.
The memory foam gives a feeling of softness and guarantees maximum comfort during rest and sleep. 

Polyflex HR foam

This is highly elastic soft foam that is resistant to deformations. It regains its original form after multiple and long periods of load.

Ultraflex foam

This is thick profiled foam with high density and different firmness. The open microcellular structure forms a system of channels that help the good air exchange and the optimum ventilation effect in the interior. The high density and the reinforced elasticity ensure perfect orthopedic support and excellent comfort with exceptional durability.  

Polyflex NE foam

This is innovative, additionally softened elastic foam that does not deform.

Polyflex foam

A type of foam with high density and elasticity, with open microcellular structure that allows the smooth passage of air into the interior. It creates conditions for good ventilation and prevents the development of bacteria and fungi. It is characterized by very good orthopedic and operational qualities.