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Сирена Ултрафлекс


Height 22 cm

A model for high loads at maximum comfort.

It represents a thick, double-sided, comfort POLYFLEX core with high density and elasticity. The additional layers of softened foam and anti-allergic siliconized fibers added in the zone in contact with the body give softness to the orthopedic core. The high elasticity helps the mattress adjust to the body according to the specific pressure in shoulders, waist and pelvis. These multi zones make the model comfortable regardless of height, weight and preferences.

The quilted case has an innovative breathable tape. Together with the microcellular open structure of the material, they provide an opportunity for maximum in depth ventilation. The maintenance is made easy by the removable zipper that provides the easy frequent separate cleaning and washing of the case. The damask with silver threads has anti-allergic, anti-dust mites and antibacterial properties. The controlled release of silver ions prevents the development and growth of microorganisms and combined with the anti-allergic hollow siliconized fibers and the non-woven SPUN BONDED textile protect the mattress from mustiness and give the feeling of warmth in winter and cool in summer.

With its qualities Sirena Ultraflex proved itself among the people that look for the perfect ratio of quality and price.

  Height: up to 22 cm


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  • Price for an individual size mattress - 271 BGN/m2. .