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Removable case
The removable outer case with zipper is extremely convenient for the maintenance of the mattress that allows frequent and easy cleaning. 

Cotton case
A case made of organic cotton with or without zipper. It prevents the mattress from contamination and damages of the surface. It is specially treated a special anti-dust mites, anti-allergic and antibacterial coating. It guarantees a feeling of softens and comfort.  

The protector prevents the mattress from contamination. It covers the whole outer surface of the mattress and guarantees excellent hygiene.

High quality cotton textiles
High quality cotton textile, which is fine in touch and does not cause irritation to the skin. It allows the air to flow between the body and the mattress because of which it is recommended to be used in the summer.  

High quality quilted textile
High quality quilted textile made of organic cotton with special anti-dust mite, anti-allergic and antibacterial  treatment used for manufacturing of luxury mattresses. It gives a feeling of softness and comfort.

Needle-punched latex layered felt (NPLLF) – for furniture


Needle-punched latex layered felt that has the ability to isolate the spring unit from the human body and thus providing better orthopedic characteristics of the mattress.

Lightweight felt padding (LFP) - Soundproofing layer
Lightweight felt padding that forms a soundproofing layer.

OSB board
High quality wooden OSB board resistant to pressure with good transverse stability and a light surface providing reliable support.

Kovafoam border
A border of elastic polyurethane foam that prevents  inflection and deformation.

Kovafoam sheet
A sheet of thermo-active polyurethane foam that gives softness and comfort.